It’s Election Day!

Today is Election Day!

We’re going to the polls to choose a new President.


There has been a lot of drama and trauma surrounding this election.

There’s one important thing to remember no matter who wins today’s vote.

It is this:

The only thing that will change this country for the better is Christian men and Christian women living out their faith according to God’s Word.

It is when we share and model the Gospel with others as we love and minister to them that this world becomes a better place.

I’m not talking about the half-hearted or self-centered activity of so many Christians today.

I’m talking about the real, honest, humble, them first, love them as much as you love yourself actions.

That is what is going to change this country.

It is my prayer that as we go out to vote today we will realize the important changes this country needs begin with us.



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